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We Need A Few Free Minds!

    Finally we are letting it all go, fear, doubt, and disbelief, we are sharing our ideas. No longer will they be floating around in our minds simply to be forgotten the moment they are thought of. Fear has been our biggest road block, the notion that someone else will be reading, hearing or watching, what we have laid out, with criticism had been very frightful. We are tired of being afraid.

    People’s ideologies are constantly changing, with each and every day comes new experiences and new thoughts. It might be the same shiznit but with a different day comes a different way of looking at things.

    So the idea for Scene147 came straight from The Matrix, feeling almost exactly like Agent Smith, I had to expand on it. Creating a platform to express many of those feelings, the plan would seem to be to find a way out or to find the way back in having been so disconnected from the universe itself.

    Sure, there will be many contradictions, but how can one be a hermit and make a difference in a society that is destroying the very place the hermit is living in? Who will be the ones in the belly of the beast letting others know what’s really going on?